How to Forge Weld

Forge Welding is a widely used welding method whose focus is to use high temperatures in order to join 2 pieces of metal. Then you must hammer them together. As the name suggest, it does resemble the methods people have been using during the middle ages in forges. This is a very important method that … Read more

How to TIG Weld Chromoly Tubing

Welding Chromoly Tubing is a very good option because you can end up needing such a skill at times. Chromoly is an alloy and it has molybdenum and chromium, but also a few other elements. With that being said, it does have a low alloy steel, so it’s not as durable. With that being said, … Read more

How to Tack Weld

Tack welding is a unique welding method designed from the ground up to help provide a temporary weld. So this is not a final welding method, instead it’s in place to hold parts together so you can use another welding method and finalize. Which is interesting, because sometimes you need a partial/temporary welding system before … Read more

How to Clean a Weld

Performing the right weld is important, but a lot of people don’t realize that cleaning it properly is just as important. You can’t just leave it the way it is, adequate cleaning can actively help ensure you retain the weld quality in the long run. Which brings the question, how can you clean a weld? … Read more

Should you weld up or down?

As a welder, you rarely weld in the same position. One moment you could weld flat; the next, you could do a vertical down. It’s these vertical welds that can get a bit tricky if you don’t do them right. So should you weld up or down with a vertical weld? A vertical up weld … Read more

Can you weld with a generator?

Some welding tasks cannot be moved to a workshop, especially if the pieces are outdoors. This is where portable generators come into play. These generators create a power source capable of powering the welding tools. They are useful in places where there are no electrical outlets. Think of them as portable welders. How can you … Read more

Can you weld with a car battery?

Welding with car batteries is dangerous and should only be attempted in an emergency, and again batteries should be covered to reduce injuries you may sustain from hydrogen gas build-up in the battery and explosion. Also, note that batteries connected in series increase the amperage provided by the batteries (a higher voltage is required to … Read more

Can you weld with a plasma cutter?

For welding complex joints with unsurpassed strength for a wide range of metals, TIG welding is unrivaled. However, when it comes to cutting metal with speed and agility, nothing produces clean, burr-free edges like a plasma cutter. So wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to TIG weld and plasma cut with the same … Read more

Can you weld with a sparkler?

There are many reasons for wanting to weld something, whether part of your job or working on a side project. Either way, welding applications are huge, and there are many tools to do it. Can you weld with a sparkler? Yes, you can weld with a sparkler on small welds, but it’s not the most … Read more

Can you weld with a blowtorch?

There are many forms of welding: underwater welding, welding with machines that do not require gas, and welding with machines that require gas. Similarly, one way to weld is to use a welding torch. Of course, a torch requires gas to operate and weld. But it is possible to weld with a torch. You can … Read more