Can you weld without gas?

Anyone who has just started welding will quickly realize that there is more than one way to weld. There are different types of welding, including MIG, Stick, TIG, brazing, and brazing. Furthermore, among these types of welding, there are also different versions, like gasless MIG welding. Each welding technique has its pros and cons. While … Read more

Can you weld with a pacemaker?

Pacemakers are medical devices that help the heart maintain a normal rhythm. These electrical devices are implanted in heart patients. Unfortunately, the electromagnetic energy present during welding is random, so there is no way to predict exactly how a pacemaker will react every time. Many cardiovascular patients have pacemakers built into their bodies. However, will … Read more

Can you weld with mapp gas?

MAPP is a gas blend created by the Dow Chemical Company, combining liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with methylacetylene-propadiene. MAPP gas can be pressurized and stored in the same way as LPG and is treasured by hobby welders. However, MAPP torches provide a hot flame, almost as hot as oxyacetylene, and the gas can be used … Read more

Can you weld with CO2?

CO2 has its advantages for MIG welding. Carbon dioxide is preferable for shielding gas for MIG welding and is considered an important element for welding metals such as stainless steel and mild steel. Low cost is one of the main reasons CO2 is preferred in MIG welding. But this gas also has its drawbacks. The … Read more

Can you weld with 120V?

Yes, you can weld with 120V. A 120V stick welder is perfect for home welding needs as it can be plugged into a conventional outlet in your home. A 120-volt welder is preferred as it is not expensive. A 120V stick welder can also be used with most outlets, making it relatively portable, which is … Read more

How to Weld Aluminium

Aluminum welding is a very distinctive process, because it’s quite different when compared to all the different options out there. The thing to note when you weld aluminum is the fact that it has the tendency to crack, and it also has unique chemistry. There are different things to consider when you weld aluminum, such … Read more

How to Weld Copper

How to Weld Copper

Copper is one of those materials that’s known for being a great electricity conductor. It’s also bringing a lot of resistance to wear and corrosion as well. What that means is that it can be welded, but it also needs certain precautions if you want to stay safe. Like many other materials, there are different … Read more