How to Forge Weld

Forge Welding is a widely used welding method whose focus is to use high temperatures in order to join 2 pieces of metal. Then you must hammer them together. As the name suggest, it does resemble the methods people have been using during the middle ages in forges. This is a very important method that you can use if you want to weld. It does require a lot of attention, good hand to eye coordination, and you also need to know the material temperature too. All of these are important aspects you need to take into account.

How can you start forge welding?

  • The initial step for the forge welding process is preparing the materials. Check the forging temperature and the focus here is to see when the metals are turning yellow when they are at high heat. In case you continue over that point, the carbon in your metal oxidizes, so you will end up not being able to work on it anymore.
  • After you remove the metal from fire, you must add some flux to it. Borax in particular is a great option here, especially if you’re a newcomer. It can be just as good for experts too, which is always a nice thing to keep in mind.
  • Once metals are fluxed, you must add them to the fire. Here you want to ensure that the heated metal is not in contact with any blast of air, since oxygen is problematic.
  • Let the workpiece turn to a lemon yellow color, the metal appears shimmery as well as slippery.
  • When you see that, you must remove the joint metals from the fire and you can secure them with metal wire.
  • At the end, you just have to hammer everything and ensure that it’s working as expected.

While forge welding is indeed a more complex process, you will get the hang of it pretty nicely. It works amazingly well, and you are bound to appreciate the quality and value brought this way.

What safety equipment do you need when you do forge welding?

Ideally, you want to have some of the best gloves you can. In addition, you do need ear plugs, as well as safety boots. We also recommend other products like the didymium glasses and some flame resistant overalls. It might not require a whole lot, but high quality is very demanding as a process, so it makes sense to invest in the right equipment.

You can forge weld a lot of materials, even aluminum although for it you will need low heat. It makes a lot of sense to try out forge welding on its own because it conveys some amazing benefits. While it can take a bit to get used to forge welding, the truth is that it can end up being one of the better welding methods. Yes, it’s not as simple for beginners when compared to others. Yet if you stick with it, you will find that it works really well for what it is, and the benefits can be second to none!

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